Car Wash

The futura Impulse is defined as the driving force toward excellence in today’s vehicle cleaning industry. The new Impulse technology completely displaces all competitive mediocrity. The Impulse embodies the most harmoniously integrated, automated touch free rollover available in the vehicle cleaning market today.

Impulse Arch Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel sub frame and support structure

  • Fiberglass covers - color selectability - gel coat finish

  • Zero degree nozzles - complete wash capabilities

  • Onboard hydraulics with clear, biodegradable fluid

  • Easy maintenance, removable side panels, accessible tilt bar, hinged rear cover

  • Roller guide rail system

  • Virtual positioning system

  • Overhead umbilical cable with stainless steel tray and supports

  • Flexible gantry home start position

  • Standard 96" high wash envelope, will wash duallys

  • 3-Piece split frame allows for flexibility in installation or shipping

The Impulse incorporates the time tested impingement technology you’ve come to expect in Futura branded products.  To impinge means to strike or hit on a surface.  It also incorporates an advanced Impulse cleaning technology not found, until now, on any other touch free automatic.  The impulse technology advances the systematic spray agitation concept utilized for almost two decades in Futura branded products.  By using zero degree nozzles, we optimize that force with 800 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi) through oscillating concentrated jets of water.  This technology is not only the most cost effective, but it outperforms all other cleaning technologies, including water mass technologies disguised as force.  This is why so many competitors regularly adopt Futura’s leading edge concepts.  Imitation is the greatest form of compliment, flattery, and endorsement.